Fishermen in Rameswaram repair boats during 61-day of fishing ban period

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Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), Apr 29 (ANI): Fishermen in Rameswaram city took up repair work of boats utilising the 61-day fishing ban period imposed by the state government. Every year, a ban for 61-days is enforced on fishing by the state authorities from April 15 to May 29 during the breeding season of fishes to conserve fish stock in the sea. Fishermen in the region said on Sunday that during the ban period they work on their boats and complete the repair works patiently because when the ban period ends after the breeding season, they get rich catch.However, the ban also causes difficulties for the fishermen community, which has to manage on a lowly income during the period of inactivity. Though the government provides fishermen with an ex-gratia amount of Rs. 4,000 to compensate for the fishing ban, the meagre sum and delay in its disbursement leaves fishermen hapless, which often results in violation of the ban.

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