Five hobbies that could benefit your health

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New Delhi, Jan 26 (ANI): Achieving perfect health condition is a farfetched dream. Incorporating healthy habits is yet another herculean task. While people struggle to help themselves keeping away from unhealthy food habits, there are few hobbies that you can develop to benefit your physical and mental health. Dance is one of the common forms of hobby is a great idea to keep yourself engaged and burn calories and stay in shape with regular practice. It’s a great form of natural exercise. As crazy as it sounds, but several researchers have found that having a pet can be beneficial to your heart and pets makes sure that people stay in motion. Writing has links to mental and physical health benefits, including improvements in memory, stress levels, and sleep. Needless to say sports is one of the best forms of exercise. The key is the regularity of the duration spent in playing sports to achieve that health balance. Gardening is not only fruitful and adds beatification to your garden it reduces risks of dementia, heart attacks and stroke, according to studies

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