Flooded York takes aim at U.K. government

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Residents in the northern English city of York, suffering through its worst floods in seventy years, are demanding answers from the British government after a response they say has been wholly inadequate. Rudi Bakhtiar reports.

Flooded York takes aim at U.K. government

Residents of York are angry.

They say the British government’s response to the worst flooding in 70 years has been inadequate.

The floods – caused by a system failure – have overwhelmed their city, affecting around 500 properties.

“No one came down the street to say this was a real emergency. There were no sirens, there was no tannoy or anything.”

But despite the criticism, government minister, Rory Stewart says everything possible is being done.

“This is a huge priority for everybody. Air and rescue’s here, the army’s here. I honestly don’t believe more support could be provided. We are putting everything into this area.”

(Floods minister Rory Stewart)

Flood defenses in and around York HAVE been bolstered in recent years, but residents say their homes have been flooded time and again this month.

“We have some questions to ask and I think we need some answers. Where that goes I don’t know. We’ll just see.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged more than two billion pounds to flood control over the next six years, and says he will consider doing more.

But for residents about to get hit with more rain, the help can’t come soon enough.

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