Former CBI Chief warns against growing pro-Khalistan support

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Punjab, Aug 24 : Punjab Police recently arrested three militants of Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF), a group demanding separate Sikh homeland called Khalistan via armed struggle. A huge cache of weapons were also recovered from their possession. The trio, arrested from Amritsar, was in touch with handlers in Belgium, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. It is believed they had direct links with Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence. Experts believe the enforcement agencies must control illegal funding to such organisations. Based in foreign countries, the pro-Khalistan separatists are spreading venom against India and using social media as a tool to spread misinformation. They enjoy the patronage and funding by Pakistan. People in Punjab are living a peaceful and prosperous life. The state is also gearing up for the assembly elections early next year and all political parties are campaigning to democratically form a government to work for the economic development of the state.

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