Former PoK leader Arif Shahid was the last vocal supporter of secularism for Kashmir

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Muzaffarabad, PoK, Aug 30 (ANI): Arif Shahid, chief of All Party National Alliance (APNA), was assassinated in 2014 for opposing Pakistan’s occupation in Kashmir and exposing its unholy alliance with militant groups. Arif Shahid was allegedly assassinated on May 13, 2014 by Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence. He was a nationalist leader, chairman of the APNA and the president of the Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Conference (JKNLC). Till date, none of his assassins have been arrested and the enquiry has been already closed. Shahid was a vociferous opponent of Pakistan’s occupation in Kashmir. He exposed Pakistan’s design of waging a proxy war with India. Shahid, at various international forums, openly spoke about how Pakistan and its intelligence agencies were trying to communalise Kashmir and giving weapons to innocent Kashmiris. Many of his books, which exposed nexus between militant groups and the Pakistani establishment, were seized and his passport was time and again confiscated. He played a crucial role in bringing leaders of Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan-occupied
Kashmir together against Pakistan’s oppression and occupation.

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