France honours Michael Keaton for contribution to arts

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American actor Michael Keaton is honoured with a French award for Arts and Literature. Edward Baran reports.

France honours Michael Keaton for contribution to arts

American actor Michael Keaton was awarded a French honour medal on Monday (January 18) in Paris by the Minister of Culture and Communication, Fleur Pellerin, for his contributions to the Arts and Literature.

The actor has been Oscar nominated and won a Golden Globe in 2015 for ‘Birdman’.

His current film ‘Spotlight’, about reporters investigating child abuse allegations in the Catholic church, is in the running for six Oscars at this year’s awards.

But Keaton said even when you reach the Hollywod A list, you can’t always cherry pick roles.

SOUNDBITE Actor, Michael Keaton, saying (English):

“Things come your way and when they come your way. People think it’s always your choice, it’s seldom your choice. It’s my choice in that they’re offered to me and I choose whether to do it or not but I’ve always chosen things, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for probably not good reasons maybe even for stupid reasons but mostly I’ve chosen, you know they’ve been interesting, you know.”

The minister said the honour – one of France’s highest — was in recognition of Keaton’s wide variety of roles over the years.

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