Freighter adrift off French coast

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French maritime authorities say they are planning a recovery mission to secure the “Modern Express” freighter, now adrift in the Bay of Biscay after becoming crippled in rough seas. Rough Cut – subtitled (no reporter narration).

Freighter adrift off French coast

ROUGH CUT – SUBTITLED (No reporter narration)

The cargo ship, “Modern Express” is crippled in the Bay of Biscay, and drifting towards the French Atlantic coast.

The crew was evacuated earlier this week, when the ship failed to recover after listing to one side in rough seas.

The ship is carrying 3600 tonnes of timber.

French maritime authorities are watching the freighter closely, as rescue teams prepare a recovery plan.

Officials say there is no imminent risk of the ship reaching the coast..

and no sign that water has entered the vessel or that fuel has leaked out.

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