French taxi drivers demand action over ‘Uber’

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After clashes with riot police on Tuesday, French taxi drivers are still on strike over what they say is unfair competition from mobile ride sharing apps like Uber. Mana Rabiee reports.

French taxi drivers demand action over ‘Uber’

(taxi drivers with their cabs)

It’s the second day of a taxi strike in Paris and across France … as drivers protest what they say is unfair competition from ride sharing mobile apps like Uber that have become increasingly popular in the last several years.


When the strike began on Tuesday, it quickly turned violent


Riot police were deployed to clear this busy Paris road near Port Maillot (MAY-YOH) during rush hour on Tuesday. Police used teargas and arrested some 20 people.

The taxi drivers say the government has done nothing about fixing a system that they say, robs them of their livelihoods.


“We’ve been hearing the same things, we are told that a mediator will be designated but we’ve already had a mediator, the laws are there but their application is problematic.”

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says more will be done to make sure the private taxi services abide by existing regulations to help even the playing field with licensed taxi drivers …but the drivers say that’s not enough; and that they’ll protest until their demands are met.

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