Fried chicken is trending in South Korea

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A group of 4,500 Chinese tourists enjoy a fried chicken feast inspired by the popular Korean drama ‘My Love from the Star’. Angela Moore reports.

Fried chicken is trending in South Korea

Fried chicken and beer is on the menu in South Korea.

More than four thousand Chinese visitors to South Korea made it their priority to sit down to a fried chicken dinner.

The meal became popular after it was seen on a South Korean drama about an actress and her alien boyfriend.

SOUNDBITE: Wang Ke, Chinese tourist, saying (Mandarin):

“I saw on the TV show “My Love from the Star” that there’s fried chicken and beer, so this time when I came to Incheon and I saw this I thought it was really good. Especially as this is the first time I’ve come to South Korea, I think that everything here is great.”

More than 750 tables were set up for the meal.

And as with any feast, there was plenty of beer to wash down the crispy fried chicken.

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