Frustration escalate in remote villages as Nepal struggles with quake aftermath

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Kathmandu, April 30 (ANI): Frustration with the government grew as residents of remote areas of Nepal searched through rubble on Thursday. Around 100 houses have been destroyed or seriously damaged in the mountain village of Katteldada where the injured are waiting for helicopter assistance since the massive quake hit Nepal. As locals sat outside for fear of aftershocks, one teacher at Katteldada’s school said the government has not provided support for the area. While rescue teams were out in the capital Kathmandu despite the rain, helicopters could not fly to the worst-hit areas in the countryside of the impoverished Himalayan nation. Anger over the slow pace of the rescue flared with protests outside parliament. In the interior, villagers blocked trucks carrying supplies, demanding the government do more to hasten the distribution of aid that has flooded into the country but has been slow to reach those in need.

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