Fuel price hike: Petrol reaches Rs 81/litre in Delhi

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New Delhi, Sep 13 (ANI): The prices of petrol and diesel are continuously rising which have added to the woes of the common men. The commuters have slammed the government for increasing the prices of fuel. This has also increased the burden on people as rise in petrol prices has also increased prices of other commodities. The commuters have demanded the government for the prices to come down. One of the commuters said, “The rise in fuel prices has made the condition really bad for the common man. This is causing the daily expenditure to rise. Government should bring this under GST. People should be give rebate on this. Government is already taking taxes from the common man. These prices should be decreased.” Another said, “Due to price hike in fuel prices the common man has hit the worst. For middle and lower class citizens it is difficult to cope with. With the rise in petrol prices the prices of other commodities also raise which creates more difficulties. Something should be done about this.” Petrol prices in Delhi have reached Rs 80.87 while diesel prices have reached Rs 72.97 per litre.

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