Getting married was a ‘masoom’ step for Kalki Koechlin

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New Delhi, May 24 (ANI): Actress Kalki Koechlin feels that getting married means placing a whole lot of trust in somebody else; hence she claims her decision to get married was the most innocent step she took in life. The actress, who was previously married to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, recently appeared on a TV show alongside veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah to promote their forthcoming film, ‘Waiting’, where she was asked what is the most ‘Masoom’ or innocent thing she has done so far. In response to the question, the actress said that getting married was the most innocent thing she has done in life because it meant trust somebody else massively and that it took a lot of innocence to believe in it. In fact, her upcoming film ‘Waiting’’ is also about a relationship but of a different sort. This relationship involves two people from different walks of life, who befriend each other in a hospital, while nursing their respective comatose spouses. The story of the film divulges into the themes of coping with grief and discovering hope. The film is set to release on Friday.

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