GOP candidates go after Clinton on email revelation

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Republican presidential candidates call for Hillary Clinton’s prosecution after it was revealed that some of her emails sent from a personal server during her time as Secretary of State contained classified info. Julie Noce reports.

GOP candidates go after Clinton on email revelation

The outcry over Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal server to send work emails while she was Secretary of State is refusing to go away.

Republican presidential candidates are weighing in on the State Department’s announcement that some of the emails contained top secret information.

Ted Cruz spoke at an event in Wilton, Iowa.


“This is getting more and more serious. Material is classified top secret because revealing it in public could pose a grave threat to the national security of this country, could potentially endanger the lives of covert operatives.”

Marco Rubio mentioned it outside a rally in Muscatine, Iowa.


“…but what we know already is that there was highly classified information on her server, what I know for a fact is that if a member on my staff on the Intelligence Committee had done that, they would’ve been fired and probably would’ve been prosecuted.”

The State Department announced Friday that some of Clinton’s emails sent through her private server did contain top secret information, and that they would be withheld from the public as a result.

About 1,300 of Clinton’s emails have already been made public.

The government forbids handling of classified information, which may or may not be marked that way, on non-secure, non-government-controlled channels.

Clinton has said that none of her emails were marked as classified.

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