Guinea declared Ebola-free

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Guinea is starting a 90-day spell of heightened surveillance after being declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organization. Paul Chapman reports.

Guinea declared Ebola-free

Celebrations in Guinea as the country is officially declared free of Ebola.

The World Health Organization made the announcement 42 days after the last person confirmed to have the virus tested negative a second time.

The WHO’s special representative for Ebola response says it’s an important milestone but the fight isn’t over yet.


“What we’ve learned is that while we’ve stopped the original chains of transmission we are also seeing small flares, one or two, three cases occurring.”

The Ebola outbreak erupted in eastern Guinea two years ago.

In that time it spread to nine other countries and killed more than 11, 000 people.

Liberia’s now the only one still awaiting the Ebola-free declaration and that could come in January.

It’s been declared free of the virus twice before, but each time new cases emerged.

The WHO says the first three months of 2016 will be a critical period for West Africa, waiting to see if the virus makes a come-back.

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