Haitians protest on day of cancelled elections

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Haitians take to the streets of Port-au-Prince to protest on what was supposed to be election day. Katie Sargent reports.

Haitians protest on day of cancelled elections

On a day when Haitians were supposed to be going to the polls, they were taking to the streets in protest.

They were due to choose a replacement for President Michel Martelly on Sunday.

But the vote was indefinitely postponed on Friday amid escalating violence sparked by an opposition candidate’s refusal to take part in the process because of alleged fraud.

Although Sunday’s demonstration was less violent than the two previous days, emotions were still running high.

This man said sarcastically that he has voted for insecurity, an expensive life and a dictatorship. He added “I voted for the old military men who are smashing our bones.”

Martelly says the fraud claims are unfounded.

He’s due to leave office February seventh — meaning an interim government likely will be formed to oversee the election process.

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