Haji Ali Dargah: A monument of communal harmony in Mumbai

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Mumbai, Jan 29 (ANI): Situated at the backdrop of a beautiful view of the sea, lies the shrine of Haji Ali which is built on a tiny islet, some 500 meters away from the main coast, in the middle of Worli Bay. Spread over an area of 4,500 sq. meters, the Shrine is only accessible via a narrow road that leads to a carved gateway with a marble facade. It was constructed in 1431 in the memory of a wealthy Muslim merchant, Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, who turned into a sufi saint. Today, the shrine is visit by thousands of people every day, irrespective of their caste and community, also making it a symbol of religious unity.The 400 year old edifice is a brilliant specimen of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture and is made out of dazzling white Makrana marble, the same which is used in Taj Mahal. The tomb within the mosque is always covered with a brocaded red and green chaddar, supported by a delicate silver frame. Spirituality and tranquillity reverberate through the complex, with Qawwalis being performed regularly in Qawwal Khana of the dargah. Throngs of people sit surrounding the Qawals, mesmerised by their intonations and instruments. Every year in the month of January, an Urs or death Anniversary of the saint is also commemorated in the shrine, where people from across the globe take part. Regarded as one of the most popular landmarks of the Mumbai city, the shrine has been braving the sea for centuries now and has become a beacon of hope for the faithful.

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