Haruwa-Charuwa join anti-constitution protest in Nepal

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Nepal, Dec 21 (ANI): A large number of indigenous but landless farmers in Nepal’s Terai areas have joined hands with the members of Madhesi community to seek rights in the newly adopted constitution. In Saptari, they carried out a massive protest rally. Haruwa, Charuwa and Kamlaris served landlords for generations, but they still did not get land ownership certificates. As per International Labour Organization, 18,361 people belonging to Haruwa-Charuwa live in Saptari region. Recently, Haruwa-Charuwas of Saptari district demanded that their families be provided resettlement at the earliest. The landless farmers want the government to provide them with a land according to their family size to ensure their right to residence. The community also stressed on formulation of new laws to ensure that they enjoy their constitutional right.

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