High hopes for China’s glass walkway

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Work is underway on a glass walkway China says will be the highest and longest in the world. Paul Chapman reports.

High hopes for China’s glass walkway

This is what China says its record-breaking glass walkway in Hunan province will look like when it’s finished.

It’s being hailed as the highest and longest glass walkway in the world.

But work’s only just begun…this is what it looks like right now.

The workers need a good head for heights. They’re putting together a structure 300 metres above the ground.

The whole thing will be 430 metres long, six metres wide and its glass panels five centimetres thick.

For safety the number of people using the walkway at any one time will be limited to 800.

The $39 million structure is expected to be officially opened in January 2016.

And for good measure, those with more extreme tastes will be offered the chance to bungee jump from it.

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