Hindu-Muslim unity seen in mass marriage in Surat

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Surat, Dec 30 (ANI): The mass wedding in the city of Surat was organized with a difference. Under one roof, one could witness marriages according to Hindu and Muslim cultures simultaneously. One could hear chants of both Vedic shlokas at a Hindu marriage and verses from Quran at a Nikah ceremony. Mahesh Sawani, a diamond trader, organized wedding for 151 young couples. The businessman paid for all the expenses, including the wedding trousseau for all the fatherless girls belonging to different religious backgrounds. Sawani has been doing this noble cause for the past several years. The brides were dressed in traditional red and gold embroidered saris and the grooms in long tunics and turbans. The atmosphere was full of gaiety and warmth. Around 1, 00,000 guests joined the mass wedding that was held in a sprawling school ground that was decorated with flowers and lights.
Each couple tied the knot in separate porticos set up in the vast ground, where the wedding rituals were performed. A cleric was also arranged for the Nikah ceremony for the girls belonging to the Muslim community. The event represented the confluence of Indian cultures and communities, displaying unity and oneness.

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