Hindus organise Roza Iftar for Muslim brethren in Ajmer

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Ajmer (Rajasthan), June 26 (ANI) Ajmer is the home to the famous Dargah Sharif, which houses the Tomb of Garib Nawaz, popularly known as Moinuddin Chisti. Apart from its rich traditional history, the city sets a beautiful example of communal harmony as well. Recently, some Hindu social workers organized Roja Iftar feast for their Muslim brethren. The city of Ajmer is a considered a centre of pilgrimage due to the presence of the shrine of the revered Sufi Saint Baba Moiuddin Chisti and ancient Hindu Pushkar temple of Lord Brahmma. The same amity was witnessed by people of different communities who joined the Ramadan feast and set some memorable moments together. It established a wonderful example of unity in diversity for which India is popularly known. The members of other communities were not behind in following the rituals of their Muslim brethren. All of them broke their fast together under one roof and expressed their respect and love for each other. Ramadan is the month to boost the bond between different communities. The key objective behind organizing this Iftar party was to bring members of all communities on a single platform. In this feast people use to pray for world peace and boost the feeling of oneness and brotherhood.

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