Historic floods force rethink of Britain’s flood defenses

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Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron promises to review government spending on the UK’s flood defenses after meeting soldiers and volunteers in the deluged city of York. Nathan Frandino reports.

Historic floods force rethink of Britain’s flood defenses

It’s the worst flooding in 70 years.

The deluge in northern England is prompting new talk on flood defenses in Parliament.

Prime Minister David Cameron – on a visit to the flooded historic city of York – says the government has already spent 100 million pounds on flood defenses here but now, they’re planning to spend almost three times as much.


“Well, obviously we have to look at what’s happened in terms of the flooding, where the flood defences have worked and we have to look at the cases where they haven’t worked, where they haven’t been high enough and see whether there is more that we can do.”

Rescue crews have been working around the clock.

Some 63 flood warnings have been issued. Nine of those are severe, indicating a danger to life.

Hundreds of residents have been evacuated.


“To be flooded is a terrible experience anyway and it’s even more terrible when it happens at Christmas or New Year, a time when people are meant to be at home with their families and celebrating.”

Up to a month’s worth of rain has fallen in recent days already, and the crisis is far from over.

Forecasters say more rain is coming.

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