Horse carts in Amritsar struggle to keep pace with motor vehicles

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Amritsar (Punjab), Oct 26, 2017: Millions of tourists visit Amritsar, the holy city, every year. They come to pay their obeisance at the Golden Temple and visit other historical sites. However, many of these devotees take ride on tonga, a horse cart, to get to the shrine. Although horse carts elsewhere are struggling to survive, they still retain their charm in Amritsar city. Coachmen believe some people prefer to use faster and more comfortable modes of transports like auto-rickshaws and battery rickshaws. Meet Ratan Singh, who has been running a horse cart for over four decades. He calls the old time when horse carts were the preferred means of transport in the city. Amritsar city is not only not for its historical places and traditional food, but a ride on horse cart will make the trip memorable.

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