How to apply online for re-evaluation of Answer sheets in CBSE?

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The Results of CBSE Class 12 Board Examination were declared yesterday, while the results of Class 10 examination are expected tomorrow on May 27. Many students feel that their answer sheets are not evaluated properly.

If you feel that your answer sheets have not been checked properly, you have the right to apply for a re-evaluation. The re-evaluation process of CBSE is quite easy and can be initiated online from the website of CBSE.

Usually the re-evaluation link is uploaded on CBSE website, a week after result declaration. Student willing to apply online for re-evaluation are advised to wait for a week and check back the website of CBSE ( from time to time. The link for re-evaluation should be uploaded in a week.

In past many students have benefited from rechecking. One student posted on an online forum how his Class 12 Mathematics score was increased from 63 to 95 after re-evaluation. Sometimes errors are committed by examiners and it is quite natural.

So, if you feel that your answer scripts have not been checked properly, go ahead and apply for re-evaluation. Keep faith, and be patient. Your marks will be updated if they are to be,

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