How to International Christmas Cooking: Romeritos

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In this episode of how to international Christmas cooking, learn how to create the tasty Mexican Christmas meal known as Romeritos.Preparation :1. Cook the entire shrimps and take off the heads and the tails from them. Separate them from the broth. Reserve the bouillon.2. Beat the eggs (with some few drops of juice of lemon, if you prefer ; it is lighter). Add little by little the shrimp powder and mix into cakes (like big coins).3. For the cakes, warm the oil in low fire and with a spoon spill portions of the mixture and fry them for both sides. Drain them on absorbent paper.4. Warms a spoonful of oil and fries the mole pasta after adding the shrimp broth necessarily up to obtaining a smooth paste.5. When it begins to thicken adds the romeritos, the shrimps, the nopals and the tiny potatoes. Mix everything and leave it to cook during some few minutes.6. A bit before serving the romeritos, add the cakes on top of it.The saucer is ready to eat.

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