Hundreds of Muslims attend ‘Khichdi Parv’ at Gorakhnath Math

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Gorakhpur, Jan 30 (ANI): Gorakhpur is a city situated along the banks of Rapti River in north-eastern Uttar Pradesh. The city gets its name from Gorakhnath Math which was built to honour the place where Gorakhnathji practiced his austerity. Spread across 52 acres of land, the most attractive feature of the Gorakhnath Math is the ‘garbh griha’, where a white marble statue shows saint Gorakhnath sitting in deep meditation. Muslims form a sizeable population in Gorakhpur and the Gorakhnath temple is revered equally by them. The same was witnessed at the recently held ‘Khichdi Parv’, where people from across religions turned up in large numbers to offer prayers. ‘Khichdi Parv’ also known as ‘Makar Sankranti’ fair is organized every year at Gorakhnath Temple. The fair lasts over a month and devotees get immersed in the myriad hues of devotion. A host of shops and food stalls around the temple sell local sweets, jewellery, utensils, hand-made shoes, artifacts, toys and traditional garments during the fair. Women from across communities queue up at the shops after praying together. Devotees and visitors who come to pay their respects at the Gorakhnath shrine from far and wide enjoy the brotherly atmosphere here. The visitors, who stay here for months, are welcomed with open arms and offered warm hospitality by the local residents. There are numerous shrines in India belonging to different communities but the one thing that unites the country is faith.

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