Hundreds reported dead in Aleppo offensive

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Reuters photographs from inside Syria’s Aleppo taken over 48 hours show the destruction of the latest Syrian government offensive which has reportedly killed hundreds of people. Mana Rabiee reports.

Hundreds reported dead in Aleppo offensive

Photographs from Aleppo taken over 48 hours give SOME sense of the fighting raging there.

A Syrian government offensive on the rebel-held eastern part of the city has entered its fourth day, after diplomatic efforts broke down last week.

Residents say the ferocity of the bombing is “unprecedented”.

They shelter in their basements — but the onslaught includes bunker-busting bombs that bring down entire buildings with people huddled inside.

A quarter of a million people are trapped in eastern Aleppo.

Hundred have been reported killed in the bombing including dozens of children.

The offensive has backing from Syria’s allies — Russian war planes in the skies and Iranian support on the ground.

The latest escalation has left Syria diplomacy in tatters.

It’s all but destroyed hope of a breakthrough this year.

In Aleppo’s rebel-held east, one city leader says the “future” is unclear.

“It looks like there’s more killing”, he says. “More bombardment, more blood on the horizon”.

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