Hundreds sick with norovirus on British cruise ship

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A stomach bug causing vomiting and diarrhea has spread to more than a quarter of the 919 passengers aboard the Balmoral, a British cruise ship. Linda So reports.

Hundreds sick with norovirus on British cruise ship

Hundreds of passengers aboard the British cruise ship Balmoral, have been infected with the norovirus, a stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhea.

The CDC says more than 250 of the 919 passengers on board have gotten sick. Eight crew members have also fallen ill.

The ship docked in Maine over the weekend.

It left Southampton, England on April 16th for a 34-day cruise, making stops in Portugal and Bermuda before arriving in Norfolk, Virginia, its first stop in the U.S.

Officials with the CDC boarded the ship when it stopped in Baltimore, Maryland to assess the outbreak and collect specimens for testing.

The ship’s next destination is St John’s Canada.

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