Hunt for Paris suspect intensifies

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German police patrol the Belgian border searching for a key suspect in the Paris attacks; Brussels alert level stays high as schools, metros, to remains closed Tuesday. Mana Rabiee reports.

Hunt for Paris suspect intensifies

The hunt continues in Germany near the Belgian border for a key suspect in the deadly Paris attacks.

Police are checking all cars arriving from the Belgian side… part of an operation to find Salah Abdeslam (mug shot) , a barkeeper from Brussels and suspected Islamist militant whose brother blew himself up in Paris.

Abdeslam returned to Brussels from Paris hours after the attack ten days ago and has been on the run ever since.


“We see our colleagues with all the special gear, some of them have machine guns. The background to this is that we are now turning our attention to a different fear and that is people who might be armed.”

Belgian authorities are still warning of a possible attack like those in the French capital that took 130 lives.

Brussels remains at its highest alert level… the metro, museums, cinemas, schools and universities — all closed for the third straight day.

For parents and teachers it’s a challenging time.


“When we explain it to them, we have to find suitable words for them, we can’t explain with adult words, but with children’s words to explain (that) it’s a type of war… they’re terrorists, people who want to do harm.”

..and for Brussels, with a suspect on the loose, police say then potential for harm is considerable.

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