Hyderabad based mechanical engineer claims to turn waste plastic into fuel

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Hyderabad, Aug 21 (ANI): A Hyderabad based mechanical engineer, Sathish Kumar, claims that he can turn waste plastic into fuel. Sathish has been using end life plastic, which he has already recycled for more than six times and can’t be recycled further to produce synthetic fuels like Diesel, Petrol and Aviation fuel. Speaking to ANI, Sathish said he started this process with just 10litres and now this plant is 1kiloliters. In this process about 550kg of non-recyclable plastic can produce 400 liters of fuel. He says he uses a three-step reverse engineering process where the plastic is indirectly heated, de-polymerised, gasified and condensed. This results in three synthetic fuels diesel, aviation fuel and petrol. The fuel produced by his company is sold at Rs. 50 per litre for petrol and Rs. 45 per litre for diesel to local industries.

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