Incessant rains flood villages, settlements in parts of India

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Incessant rains are inundating villages and settlements in parts of India, leaving hundreds of people stranded in the deluge. Nathan Frandino reports.

Incessant rains flood villages, settlements in parts of India

Residents are swimming door to door in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, where hundreds are stranded after the latest rainfall.

Monsoon season is in full swing, inundating villages throughout the country and forcing dozens of rescues.

Residents on higher ground say the government is not doing enough to help.


“Nothing is happening. There are no arrangements. There are just boats ferrying people but there is no food or water here. There is no way to survive.”

Flooding has worsened this year due to crumbling civic infrastructure, clogged drains and uncontrolled urban expansion.

In addition, officials say the monsoon season has seen at least 4 percent higher rainfall than average, and with a month left, more rain and flooding could be on the horizon.

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