India commemorates 7th anniversary of Mumbai attacks

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On the 7th anniversary of the deadly attacks in Mumbai security experts say the city is still vulnerable. Julie Noce reports.

India commemorates 7th anniversary of Mumbai attacks

Police and government officials lay a wreaths at a memorial site on the seventh anniversary of the Mumbai attacks.

On November 26, 2008, 166 people were killed when armed gunmen attacked several locations in the Indian financial center.

The attackers split into pairs and spread across the city spraying bullets and hurling grenades into places like the Taj Majal Palace Hotel.

The siege lasted three days. Scores of people were injured.

Memories of those attacks were recently revived by the events in Paris when a relatively small group of dedicated suicidal attackers wreaked havoc in another confined urban area.

Now seven years on, some security experts in India say the city is not as prepared as it should be.


“If the question is how better prepared are we for a 26/11 kind of an attack, we are far better prepared, provided the attackers will do the favour of doing exactly what they did in 26/11, which, ironically, they won’t.”

Earlier this month, Indian government officials said Islamic State could use regional militant groups to mount strikes in the country, and has increased security around the diplomatic missions of the United States, France and Britain.

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