Indian woman attacked with acid by her alleged rapist

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A woman in India has had acid thrown in her face by her alleged rapist, after she refused to withdraw her case. Yiming Woo reports.

Indian woman attacked with acid by her alleged rapist

This woman in Uttar Pradesh suffered burns to her face and neck when she was attacked with acid by a man she accused of raping her.


“In the evening my husband and I had gone to work in the field. They tied my husband to a tree while Surjit and another guy grabbed me. Then Surjit threw acid on me. He raped me. I filed a case, and they threatened me that they won’t spare me.”

She was allegedly raped on August 8th but police reportedly didn’t act until almost a month later.

She says ever since, her family has been pressured to withdraw the complaint.

The alleged acid attackers including the man she accused of rape are on the run, and police say they’re hunting for them.

There are more than a thousand acid attack cases every year in India.

Many go unreported because victims are too afraid of reprisals to come forward.

Despite such attacks, acid remains easily available in India, where it’s used in the manufacture of cotton and rubber.

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