India’s first film on ‘cow vigilantes’ hits screen

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Vadodara (Gujarat), March 04 (ANI): Amidst the controversy of cow vigilantism in the country the first ever feature film is made on cow protection. The film, titled ‘Gaurakshak’, is produced by religious leader Pankaj Goswami who has also performed in the movie. Goswami said that ‘GauRakshak’ is important, from the day the honour of ‘gaumata’ (mother cow) has been downgraded land. He added that the film will not just be dubbed in Hindi, Sanskrit but also in French and other languages to give a message that if our country can accept every religion, then our cow should also be given the international status, honour of a mother. He concluded that first time in the history of world cinema, a feature film on the life of cow has been made.

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