Indonesia signs up to Project Loon

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Three Indonesian telecommunications firms have signed an agreement to expand Internet access through Google’s Project Loon. Paul Chapman reports.

Indonesia signs up to Project Loon

Google’s new holding company Alphabet is poised to bring greater Internet access to Indonesia – by solar-powered balloon.

Three Indonesian telecom firms have signed up to Project Loon.

The plan is to send massive balloons 20 kilometres above the earth’s surface which give internet access through radio signals to antennae on buildings.

The balloons are equipped to find the best winds to carry them along their charted course.

Alphabet and its partners plan to send hundreds of balloons up over Indonesia in 2016.

They’ll be used to spot where gaps in the service lie as part of testing before a full-scale service is launched.

Indonesia has a population of over 250 million people spread over 17, 000 islands.

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