Indonesian fire season begins

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As fire season begins, Indonesian authorities begin fining companies who start fires to clear land for commercial farms, causing cross-border pollution. Diane Hodges reports.

Indonesian fire season begins

Firefighters in Indonesia battle to extinguish a forest fire, as the annual fire season gets underway.

Already, smoke from the fires has begun to drift across the Malacca Strait into neighboring Malaysia and Singapore.

The fires are started by companies clearing land for commercial farms in Indonesia, but can spread and quickly get out of control.

Neighboring countries often criticize Jakata for failing to stop the fires.

So, last week, Indonesia imposed record fines against a local plantation company …

and quickly declared a state of emergency in five provinces in hopes of keeping the fires from becoming as bad as last year’s, when the smoke caused problems in at least six countries.

The smoke can force officials in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia to close airports and schools, plus recommend that residents stay indoors.

The peak of the fire season runs from August until October.

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