Inquiry into deadly Romania club fire

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An investigation is underway after an explosion and fire at a Bucharest nightclub killed more than two dozen and injured over 150. Paul Chapman reports.

Inquiry into deadly Romania club fire

It’s the worst disaster the Romanian capital’s seen for decades.

A fire and explosion at a packed nightclub killed at least 27 people.

More than 150 others have been injured.

The club in Bucharest was packed with people for a rock concert when the fire broke out late on Friday.

Witnesses said there’d been fireworks inside the building.

At the city’s hospitals anxious relatives and friends gathered to wait for news.


“Three friends of mine are inside. I was lucky because I couldn’t find anyone to replace me at work and I couldn’t go out. Otherwise I would also have been here, or somewhere else, maybe dead.”

Officials say an investigation is already underway to establish the cause of the fire and explosion.

An emergency cabinet meeting’s also been called to assess the incident.

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