International Trade Fair draws crowd in Guwahati

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Guwahati (Assam), Feb 19 (ANI): The 24th International Trade fair began amidst much fanfare and gaiety in Guwahati.The fair was organized by Industries and Trade Fair Associations of Assam (ITFAA) in association with National Small Industries Corporation Limited. The fair brought to light an exclusive collection of various handmade items as well as specialty of various countries like United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Dubai, Taiwan, Turkey, Bangladesh etc.Large numbers of people flocked to witness the biggest ever celebration of trade and business in the beautiful city. From exclusive range of jewelry to food products and intricately designed clothes from different countries, several products are on display at the fair. Wide array of soft toys, robotic toys, cars, dolls etc from Hong Kong also remained one of the major attractions during the event. It is noteworthy that the trade fair is the first fair in Northeast India to be free Wi-Fi zone for the visitors and participants. As the wedding season rolls in, an elite collection of decorative lights, lamps and chandeliers drew huge crowds from all walks of life.Home decor items such as decorative flower vases, showpieces etc attracted a large section of women folks. To promote cashless transactions, the organizing committee of the fair also made arrangements for online payment at the fair with an exclusive stall providing swipe machine facility. In a similar way, the northeastern state of Tripura came alive with the Industry and Commerce fair being organised at the Agartala International Fair Ground. The fair revealed the vibrant hues of the state as well as the nation which saw participation from various representatives of business and commerce industries. Ranging from bamboo-cane handicraft materials of Tripura to wooden carved decorative materials of Uttar Pradesh to handmade Khadi products and pashmina Shawls of Kashmir, products from different parts of the state were on display at the fair. Variety of artificial flowers

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