Iraq hangs 36 people in mass execution

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Iraq executes the highest number of militants ever in one day when it hangs 36 who were convicted of killing up to 1700 Shi’ite soldiers in 2014. Diane Hodges reports.

Iraq hangs 36 people in mass execution

Relatives of the soldiers who were killed wait at the prison in Nassiriya, in southern Iraq..

As guards escort the 36 militants who will be hanged.

The prisoners were convicted of killing as many as 17-hundred Iraqi soldiers when Islamic State overran a camp north of Baghdad in 2014.

The hardline militant group is Sunni Muslim — the soldiers they killed mainly Shi’ite.

The three dozen prisoners executed at Nassiriya is the largest number killed in one day since Islamic State fighters took control of parts of northern and Western Iraq in 2014.

The mass hanging comes amid increased pressure from Shi’ite politicians to execute condemned militants since a blast at a Baghdad market killed hundreds in July.

But the United Nations says Iraq’s efforts to speed up the process could result in innocent people being put to death.

Iraqi officials dismiss the concerns, saying each case is examined in detail before justice is carried out.

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