Iraqi army declares victory over IS in Ramadi

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Iraq’s army has declared victory over Islamic State in Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar, retaking the insurgents’ biggest prize of 2015. Nathan Frandino reports.

Iraqi army declares victory over IS in Ramadi

Driving through Ramadi, the Iraqi army now has its first glimpse of the city it seized from Islamic State this weekend.

Block after block lies in ruins after the final offensive that began last week.

It’s the first major triumph for the U.S.-trained force since it collapsed and fled the city in May.

Now they’re going door to door, disabling explosives and booby traps… a signature threat of IS.

Security officials say pockets of insurgents still need to be cleared from the city.

But once that’s done, Iraqi forces are expected to set their sights on the next big Islamic State-controlled target: Mosul.

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