Iraqi families evacuate amid battle with IS

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Iraqi forces in Ramadi evacuate terrified residents who have been hiding from Islamic State militants for more than 10 days without food or water. Rough cut – subtitled (no reporter narration).

Iraqi families evacuate amid battle with IS


Iraqi residents emerge from houses in Ramadi’s eastern district of Sufiya, where Iraqi government forces are still battling Islamic State militants.

Iraq’s elite counter-terrorism forces have recaptured the area and are leading hundreds of people to safety.

Some have been hiding for more than 10 days.


“We have been hiding for 11 days under the stairs, without food and water. We drank filthy water, unfit for human consumption. We poured water through a handkerchief to purify it and then drank it.”

The provincial capital in the fertile Euphrates River valley is the biggest city to have been recaptured from Islamic State.

The victory has been hailed as a turning point by the Iraqi government.

It says the army will soon march on Islamic State’s main Iraqi stronghold Mosul further north and defeat the group in Iraq in 2016.

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