Iraqi troops face booby trap peril in Ramadi

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Iraqi forces attempt to find and destroy Islamic State explosive traps and pockets of resistance, after recapturing the city of Ramadi from the insurgents. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Iraqi troops face booby trap peril in Ramadi

An Iraqi tank fires at a target in Ramadiā€¦ part of a mission to clear explosives laid by Islamic State insurgents, driven out of the city earlier this week.

But there are still pockets of resistance… along with explosive booby traps.

While sweeping district areas, this Iraqi commander says morale is high. He says his men have destroyed a large number of car bombs and enemy drones.

After months of cautious advances backed by coalition air strikes, the Iraqi army retook Ramadi on Sunday… its first big victory against the extremists since they swept through a third of Iraq in mid-2014.

But the U.N. refugee agency says despite gains by security forces, conditions in Ramadi are still not good enough for tens of thousands of displaced residents to return home.

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