ISI instructed Chief Justice to not release Nawaz Sharif and his daughter till elections: Islamabad HC Justice

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Islamabad (Pakistan), Jul 22 (ANI): In an address made by Islamabad High Court Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui interference of secret agencies in the state’s affairs were alleged. In his speech, Justice Siddiqui said, “ISI is fully involved in the manipulation of judicial proceedings. ISI ensures that the bench is made according to their preferences and cases are marked. Today in the High Court, ISI approached the Chief Justice and instructed him to not release Nawaz Sharif and his daughter till the time of elections. They also instructed him to not have me on the bench of their cases hearing.” Justice Siddiqui has also claimed that judges lived in constant danger as their telephones were tapped by the officials of the security agencies. According to the Daily Pakistan Global, the Islamabad High Court Judge has ordered to send a copy of the court ruling to Army Chief Bajwa, along with the ISI director general, secretary defence and Secretary Interior of Pakistan.

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