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Israel reacts to death of Shimon Peres | Webmarked News

Israel reacts to death of Shimon Peres

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Israelis react to news of the death of former president Shimon Peres. Julie Noce reports.

Israel reacts to death of Shimon Peres

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres has died after suffering a stroke two weeks ago.

The 93 year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner and elder statesman was in a hospital near Tel Aviv.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


“The name of Shimon Peres will always be eternalized in the annals of our people’s fight for independence as one of the great leaders of the state of Israel, as one of the founding fathers that created the state of Israel. May his memory always be kept in the heart of our nation.”

Peres was part of almost every major development in Israel since the country’s founding in 1948.

He shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize with the late former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for reaching an interim peace deal in 1993 which never turned into a lasting treaty.


“We look at his life in totality. You have to give him a lot of respect and credit for attempting to forge ahead and to try his best to form a path where peace would be possible.”

Media reports said U.S President Barack Obama was planning to attend Peres’s funeral, which Israeli media said was expected to be held on Friday (September 30), although details of the ceremony were not made public.

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