Israeli stun grenades scatter Palestinian protesters

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Israeli soldiers in Hebron fired stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of Palestinian protesters who were demanding that Israel return the bodies of alleged assailants killed in recent weeks. Mana Rabiee reports.

Israeli stun grenades scatter Palestinian protesters

Israeli soldiers fire stun grenades, teargas and rubber bullets at hundreds of Palestinian protesters in the occupied West Bank.

It was their response to demands by the protesters that the bodies of 11 alleged assailants recently killed by Israeli forces, be returned to their families.

The protest had started peacefully enough…

Demonstrators carried pictures of the dead men and women accused of lethal attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Israel has delayed returning the bodies of attackers before… a policy thought to curb the glorification of attackers at mass funerals.

The clashes are just the latest in an escalation of violence between Palestinians and Israeli forces… they were ignited over a disputed Jerusalem site sacred to both Muslims and Jews.

At least 56 Palestinians and 11 Israelis have died in the violence.

And while the frequency of the attacks has diminshed in recent days, the religious and political tensions at the root of the conflict are still very much alive.

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