It happens: Automobile art fest attracts artists from across India

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Jaipur, April 24 (ANI): The four-day automobile art festival ‘Cartist 2015’, an

initiative by vintage car enthusiast, saw art students and established artists

from across India flock to pink city Jaipur. Jaipur, with its royal Rajasthani

lineage, is no stranger to vintage cars. The festival not only exhibited

paintings and car installations, but also had the students create art works.

Workshops were also organized by prominent artists and photographers like Atul

Sinha and Raghu Rai. The organizer, himself a vintage car restorer for the royal

families, said he hoped the festival would promote automobile art, an

undiscovered genre. Students said the festival gave them an outlook to vintage

cars and their ‘unexplored’ history.

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