Italian Muslims march to denounce Paris attacks

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Muslims marched through the streets of Rome to condemn religious extremism and the Islamic State militants who carried out the deadly attacks in Paris. Julie Noce reports.

Italian Muslims march to denounce Paris attacks

Hundreds of Italian Muslims gathered in Rome to denounce the deadly attacks in Paris by Islamic State militants last week.

Holding signs that said ‘not in my name’ and chanting ‘no to terrorism’, demonstrators marched in solidarity with the victims, and help show that Islam shouldn’t be blamed for the violence.

Protesters said the militants have nothing to do with Islam..


“I condemn all these attacks happening around the world. You know what the problem is, Islam has nothing to do with them. These people, these terrorists, these savages have nothing to do with Islam. Islam is one thing and they are another. Whoever wants to kill in the name of religion, is wrong and has no country, no religion and no nationality.”

The event was organised by the Union of Italian Islamic Communities.

Islamic State militants killed 130 people in Paris in a series of attacks a week ago.

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