It’s a trip for Indonesian Orangutans and skateboarding pup

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A bulldog in Peru breaks a record for skateboarding through the longest “human tunnel,” while in Indonesia, 14 illegally-smuggled orangutans arrive back from Thailand. Jillian Kitchener reports.

It’s a trip for Indonesian Orangutans and skateboarding pup

It’s been a week of “firsts” in the animal kingdom.

Giant panda Bei Bei took his first baby steps at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington.

… And this bulldog in Peru has become the first to wheel through this many legs!


“Otto, you attempted the Guinness World Records title for the longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog on a skateboard, the minimum to beat was 30 people, congratulations, you’re now a Guinness World Records title holder.”

It’s been quite a trip for Otto… Likewise, for these Orangutans.

Fourteen orangutans arrive back in Indonesia this week, after being smuggled into Thailand illegally.

Officials say the apes will spend up to 60 days in quarantine in a safari park outside Jakarta before they join other orangutans in Borneo.

And below land… scientists say El Nino’s warm currents have enticed an eclectic group of fish — from Mexican waters — closer to California.

While SeaWorld says it’s going to phase out its signature “Shamu” killer whale show in San Diego.

They say a more “conservation-minded” exhibit is in the works.

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