“its My Duty To Solve Refugees Problems: Modi (Story Of The Day) “

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Addressing his first election rally in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the people of Kashmir to restore its lost glory and touched upon various issues such as perpetual plight of refugees and languishing tourism industry.


Displaying his usual swagger, Modi said that Kashmiris have been fed many lies about refugees but nothing has been done as yet and it’s his duty to resolve their problems on priority basis.

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s word “democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat” found a special mention in Modi’s address in Kishtwar, as he promised to turn Vajpayee’s intent into reality.

Underscoring the depleting number of tourists in the state, Modi said had Indian government promoted tourism in the state, it would have been the richest state of India.

He took a special note of Indian film industry’s diminishing interest in Kashmir, according to him there was a time when spell-binding beauty of Kashmir had a special place in our films, but lately due to various reasons Bollywood had abandoned Kashmir and moved to foreign countries.



As usual he didn’t go easy on the opposition parties, who, according to him, have been looting Kashmir.

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