Jaipur Youth Festival witnesses wide ranging intellectual discussions

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Jaipur (Rajasthan), Oct 31 (ANI): The Jaipur Youth Festival, an interactive and cultural event organised by the youth and for the youth, was held in Jaipur from 27 October to 29 October. The event comprised of 19 sessions with more than 30 speakers from across the country representing different domains. The final session on October 29 commenced with focus on all important and sensitive subject of ‘Historical reflection of the state of Jammu and Kashmir’. The session was addressed by Colonel Jaibans Singh (Retd.), a defense and security expert, D K Dubey, a prominent lawyer whose expertise lies in the legal aspects concerning the state, and Vijay Kranti, a veteran journalist. It drew a lot of interest from the audience. Speaking at the event, Col. Singh (Retd.) emphasised on the historically nationalist character of the state that has been derailed by a few separatist elements. The afternoon session was heralded with the topic “Shahbano se Sayrabano” from where ensued an informed discussion on the topic of Triple Talaq.

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