Japan helps other countries to improve sewerage system

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Tokyo (Japan), Dec 28 (ANI): The Bureau of Sewerage at Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to spread around the world through international cooperation the technologies and know-how accumulated at Bureau of Sewerage. This effort was undertaken in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as part of the cooperative activity “Grassroots Power in Action”. This activity takes advantage of Japan’s various technologies and experiences introduced by JICA to the world, the project aims to nurture human resources of local engineers who operate and maintain sewage systems in Malaysia. “Sewerage Technology Practice Center” is a large-scale training plant in Tokyo that has a variety of facilities related to sewerage. And through providing advanced water treatment technology, the bureau has accumulated diverse technologies and know-how, such as constructions method of sewer pipes, and so on. Advanced sewerage technology in Tokyo will contribute to the maintenance of the sewer systems of the countries around the world.

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